About Me

A freelance Web Designer who splits his time between the Beautiful Cities of Prague & Liverpool, offering Custom, affordable Web Solutions to clients around the World. As a Freelance Designer and Digital Marketing solution provider I have faced the challenges and celebrated the victories of delivering great online solutions to our clients.

Freelance Website Design

Webdesign69 lives in that space where design and technology meet. This allows me to take creativity to new levels and deliver amazing results. From its very conception, Webdesign69 has proven itself on select projects that I like to think have made a lasting impact on businesses and communities. Whilst most of my Designs have been for Small to Medium Business I can also boast some important design work for Regional Government in Developing Countries.

Originally set up in 2004, Webdesign69 has developed and enhanced passion for creativity to provide Web Solutions for the modern world. Digital spaces are transforming the way business is done today, Webdesign69 strives to give your digital space the edge on your competitors.

Creativity makes me happy!